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Artistic projects

Don’t you have a feeling that in this world superficial impressions matter too much? Not who you really are, what you believe in? Listen,, it can be differently.

Do you feel that today’s world relies on superficial impressions way to strong? That it is not who you are and what you believe really counts? Take a look, this can be different.
The world is a living body, and we choose to take care of it. To make it full of nature and joy. To be able to admire images, read books, create, and be together.
Join us. Your time is valuable, and you are important. Together we will make the world better and more beautiful.

Izabela Jabłonowska - osobista stylistka


I love dress! (since 2014)

Campaign slogan: ”Inspire, create, shine in a dress”

Nationwide artistic campaign aimed to promote a dress as an outfit form.

Why does a dress need a campaign?

Since the 1970’s we have produced more trousers than dresses. More and more often women decide to wear trousers – this is connected with living on the run, comfort, emancipation. However…

A dress attires women, enhances her grace, tells a story. And we love dresses! Wearing the right dress, every woman looks spectacular. It flatters female silhouette and makes every moment even more special. A touch of fine fabric, polished cut and finishing are a feast for eye and soul.

The campaign features fashion shows, workshops, flash mobs, as well as contests at arts universities

Stylistka i modelka I. Jabłonowska, zdjęcia R. Orlińska

Fashionable craft (since 2014)

”Beauty in detail”, our company’s slogan, stands for the attention given to the beauty of every tiniest detail. That is why we strive to collaborate with and promote only such artists who create clothes and fashion accessories with all their heart.

This is crucial for every detail at the design and production stage. We value maintaining quality standards even when nobody is watching. This is weaving a story that supports women with talent and exceptional craft.

Izabela Jabłonowska - osobista stylistka


Green side of the closet (since 2013)

Nationwide campaign inspiring Poles to adopt an ethical attitude in fashion.

We take efforts to make sure our services carry a strong message – an inspirational call to make the choices that will really change the world.

5 rules of the campaign:

  1. Style above trends.
  2. Less is more.
  3. Buy with your head.
  4. Be farsighted.
  5. Take care of what you have and enjoy it.

The campaign aims to inspire Poles to make conscious consumer choices, which have a positive influence on the natural environment. I wish to congratulate the authors on the initiative and to assure the support of the Ministry of Environment for the above campaign.


– Iwona Kobus-Mizak. Ministry of Environment


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Social commitment


I love a dress! (since 2014)

In Poland there are 11 times more single mothers bringing up their children than single fathers ( data from 2011). The aim of the ‘MOTHER’s style’ charity action was dressing up in a smile this group of Polish women. I.Jabłonowska is the organizer of the action, in which famous Polish women participated- M.Tusk, A.Dymna, M. Rodowicz, B.Pawlikowska, M.Steczkowska, H. Frąckowiak, A.Nieśpielak, D. Naruszewicz, A.Popek, I. Miko i D. Rabczewska.

Thank you for this amazing social initiative.

– Małgorzata Tusk

Celebrities passed on clothes and fashionable accessories from their own wardrobes and added nice letters as well. All of them reached to The Home of a Single Mother and Child run by Caritas. This occasion was special- Mother’s Day. Time when every mother should feel special. I.Jabłonowska not only passed on the clothes to inmates of HSM but she also paired them properly to the women, gave precious tips and did a colour analysis as well. Children got gifts – e.g. the most beautiful, plush teddy bears.

Girls! I’m keeping my figers crossed for you.

Best wishes.

– Beata Pawlikowska


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